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5 Ways to tell a Real Diamond from a Fake

Posted on March 9, 2011 at 7:48 PM Comments comments (167)
Being the the jewelry business for more than twenty years, I get a lot of questions about being able to tell if a diamond is real or not.  So here are five ways to put a  real diamond to the test:
1.  If you can look into a diamond and see the bottom of the stone, chances are it is real.  
2.  You should not be able to breathe on a diamond without it fogging up more than 4-5 seconds. 
3.  Fake diamonds only sparkle at the top, while real diamonds sparkle from all angles.
4. Each  real diamond has some form of imperfection in it (just like us humans).  Look for an internal flaw or carbon pin point within the diamond.
5. If you still are not sure, get it tested with a diamond tester.